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Life before becoming “Noon, Roi Et Cordyceps”
Life before becoming “CORDYLIS Organic Cordyceps”

In the past, Noon worked at a private hospital. Her mother had suffered from a chronic disease for over 15 years. It started with allergy, then sinusitis resulting in foul smelling mucus, tinnitus and mere nasal polyps, as well as acute rashes which could reappear and disappear with burn-like scars on the skin. The doctor mentioned that Noon’s mother had a chance to have an early-stage nasopharyngeal carcinoma.
Noon decided to buy it for her mother and recorded the progress of symptoms periodically. In the first month, her mother got surprisingly better and completely recovered in the 14th month. However, Noon’s salary was quite low, so she started studying more deeply about organic planting so that she could make the products for her mother in the long run. After having learned by trial and error, she successfully planted sufficient organic cordyceps for her family.
When the quantity of products exceeded her family’s consumption, she brought organic cordyceps to make merit and gave it out to relatives, acquaintances and people suffering from diseases along with suggestions on safe consumption. Those who have eaten Noon’s organic cordyceps were mentally and physically healthy and fully recovered from their diseases. During the time her mother was recovering, she reduced the quantity of organic planting and this changed her life. Demand of organic cordyceps was increasing due to the word of mouth of people who had received organic cordyceps upon Noon’s merit-making. This resulted in people giving her money in exchange with organic cordyceps, from ten to hundred, hundred to thousand Baht. Therefore, Noon decided to increase productivity continuously to meet the demand until the present.
Recently, Noon has been selected as Young Smart Farmer of Roi Et Province. She became the first young farmer who plants the organic cordyceps in the northeastern region. She uses the closed farming system of which standards are certified internationally. This system allows her to regulate the biomimicry of Himalaya origin where the temperature is controlled at 16-20 degree Celsius. Raw materials are selected for planting by encouraging the community to plant organic jasmine rice on GI areas as well as planting organic mulberry for raising organic chrysalis. Research and development has been conducted innovatively and specifically by CORDYLIS brand to obtain high quality products containing premium substances. CORDYLIS is analyzed by HPLC and each lot is randomly examined for contamination pursuant to the notification of Ministry of Public Health. 80% of products are exported which can generate a lot of income to related community and farmers.
Now, Thai people of all ages and genders can have good health by having certified organic cordyceps at a very affordable price compared to the quality they received. For those who suffer from disease or poverty, you can get the products free of charge. At Noon’s farm, we accept orders for production of raw materials for organic product processing at amicable price.
Noon started to find the treatment for her mother from conventional medicine and Thai-Chinese herbal treatment, as well as study Thai traditional medicine until she got useful knowledge of cordyceps from a doctor.